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  • Tessa Xie

    Tessa Xie

    Current Data Scientist in the AV Industry, Ex-McKinsey Data Scientist; Avid Traveler, Diver and Painter. 🤿👩‍🎨

  • Ilona D.

    Ilona D.

    Building streams of passive income 🌱 I write about Personal Finance, Investing, and Trading.

  • Sivanand Birusumanti

    Sivanand Birusumanti

    Recent high school graduate and current college freshman passionate about investing, and endeavoring to guide new investors by sharing my investing journey

  • Moez Ali

    Moez Ali

    Data Scientist, Founder & Author of PyCaret

  • Kajal Yadav

    Kajal Yadav

    Data Science | Kaggle | Machine Learning | Deep Learning | Python

  • Aylen Rodríguez Ferrari

    Aylen Rodríguez Ferrari

    Fulbright Fellow| Policy Analyst | My topics: Gender, Social Inclusion, Poverty & Inequality

  • Perry Johnson

    Perry Johnson

    Data scientist & engineer http://perryrjohnson.com

  • Louis Douge

    Louis Douge

    Data Scientist @ AXA REV www.linkedin.com/in/louisdouge

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